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Vincent J. Daczynski

Book - new executive sales training program uses meditation to improve selling. Among best executive sales training books.
Lotus Flower.


Author's Note

This work is contrary to many other schools of thought in executive sales training which I openly challenge. I do some stepping on toes, but not out of mischievious intent. Only that I need to draw a firm comparison between this system of executive sales training and all other systems. And I do so out of my conviction that this book presents the most advanced school of thought available for executive sales training.

I particularly call your attention to the overwhelming supporting scientific data referenced throughout this book. This scientific data points to a major breakthrough in personal development.

This book was gleaned from lecture notes I used when making presentations to sales training classes. The receptivity I received, and the growing acceptance among corporations of this system of executive sales training, led me to expand my lecture notes into this comprehensive text. I sincerely hope that this book serves to open your awareness to a broadened understanding of human potential and its development. May you enjoy reading this book as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

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