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Chapter 10

Creating a Happy Home Life

Freedom from emotional inhibitors is the basis for a happy home life. The quality and strength of the home life is determined by the quality and strength of the individuals who comprise the family unit. Marriages and families, for the most part, have been a compounding of individual problems. As long as individuals are tense, worried and unfulfilled they will radiate that influence around them. This negative influence is what contaminates and destroys close family interpersonal relationships. The divorce epidemic we have been experiencing the last decade echoes the discontent within individuals.

The key to permanent harmony and happiness in home life lies in having permanent harmony and happiness established within individuals. The key to permanent happiness in individuals is in the understanding that there are two fields of life; the inner, absolute, nonchanging field of life, and the outer, relative, ever-changing field of life.

The outer, relative, ever-changing field of life is in a continuous state of transition. Therefore, it is not possible to experience permanent happiness in that field of life which is transitory by nature. For permanent happiness we must look to that which is permanent, nonchanging. To understand this nonchanging field of life we draw a parallel to quantum mechanics in physics. We have seen that this permanent, nonchanging field of life is the state of least excitation; itself nonchanging, but that which is at the basis of all changes. It is permanent, eternal, unbounded and beyond the limits of space and time. This state, we have also seen, is our own inner life.

That which quantum mechanics describes can be verified by direct experience through the practice of the TM technique. It is experienced as perfect silence, harmony, inner peace and happiness. This basic, inner, permanent level of life is where permanent happiness is to be found. It is only necessary to have your awareness anchored in this inner life. As a result, you will naturally imbibe that permanent inner peace and harmony into your very nature, and you will radiate that influence to others around you.

Established within your inner being you will maintain that stability of inner peace and happiness which will be unchallenged by the passing waves of vicissitudes in your life. You will not be ruled by your emotions. You will not overact, or react from an emotionally restricted perspective. With your awareness established at the source of change you will be master in the field of change, with permanent happiness as your foundation.

We have already seen how the TM technique dissolves emotional inhibitors. Deep-rooted selfish traits disappear. A natural flow of heartfelt compassion results. This is the foundation for a giving relationship.

To be most efficient at his work a salesman needs to have a happy home life. A salesman's energies should not be dissipated in discontent at home. The salesman's spouse (wife, in this example) is essential to his success. The wife is the focal point in the family. Therefore, meditation is, at least, of equal importance for the wife. The salesman meditates for a few minutes at the office before coming home. As a result, he loses the stress and fatigue of the day. The commute back home is more enjoyable. When he gets home he greets his wife and children with an open heart. He does not dump his day's problems on his family. Likewise, the wife who meditates before preparing dinner, frees herself from the frustrations of her day's work and prepares dinner with joy. Meanwhile, the children also meditate. When the family comes together for mealtime the whole atmosphere is enriched. The family enjoys their time together in peace and harmony.

Incidentally, the Transcendental Meditation technique is very beneficial for children. Dr. Francis G. Driscoll, former Superintendent of Schools for Eastchester, New York, was one of the many school administrators who introduced the Transcendental Meditation program to junior and senior high-school students. Research studies support the following:

1. Students improve their grades.
2. Students get along better with teachers.
3. Students get along better with parents.
4. Students get along better with other students.
5. Evidence of lessening use of drugs.

Additional to the reference made earlier in Chapter 8 about the research findings of a study by the Medical College of Georgia that the practice of Transcendental Meditation created a state of inner peace and reduced hypertension in inner city high school students, the meditating students also had lower rates of asbsenteeism, school rule violations and suspensions compared with the control groups. Further, anectodal reports by the students indicated that their meditation practice improved their academic and althletic performance.

Families who meditate together stay together. They grow and prosper together as a harmonious unit. Helen Yellin, mother of four sons, married for 47 years and meditating for 21 years, says,

TM makes you more aware of the needs of your loved ones, and gives the energy and insight to meet those needs ... I would say to any woman, to any man, too, TM is the best investment you'll ever make in yourself, your relationship, your family.

Her husband, Jerry, 73, supports her sentiment; "Transcendental Meditation has made us stronger in ourselves and brought us closer together as a couple."

When considering a happy home life we need to go beyond the boundary of our immediate family. From a broader perspective the salesman's community is also his home. The strength of a community is based on the strength of the family. The community can only be as strong as the collective strength of the families comprising the community. Family unity is the basic fabric of society.

When individual communities are living in peace and harmony with mutual respect and compassion for one another, then, the entire nation comprised of all the communities is strong and peaceful. A nation is only as strong as the combined strength of the communities which comprise it. When there is social unrest, even in any one part of a nation, the entire nation suffers.

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