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Vincent J. Daczynski

Chapter 12

The TM-Sidhi Program

The wisdom of utilizing full mental potential is not new. It has its roots in ancient history. It has been recorded in the oldest continuous tradition of knowledge on earth, the Vedic tradition of India. The ancient text that establishes the practice and philosophy of yoga is the Yoga Sutras by Maharishi Patanjali. Although yoga practice and philosophy is described in earlier Vedic texts as well, the classical reference by Maharishi Patanjali is thought to have been written in the second century BC.

According to Vedic tradition, pure Transcendental Consciousness is the underlying field of natural physical laws. It is the most fundamental level of nature itself, which modern day physics has discovered to be the grand unified field of all the laws of nature. This pure Transcendental Consciousness is also the most fundamental level of the mind, and contains the full creative potential of the mind. By following certain prescribed mental procedures while maintaining awareness at the level of pure Transcendental Consciousness - the home of all the laws of nature - it is possible to utilize basic physical laws to spontaneously achieve effects of extraordinary superhuman magnitude. Different procedures produce different effects. The series of procedural formulas that are identified in the Vedic literature in Sanskrit, are called siddhis, and pronounced 'sid-heez.'

Essentially, siddhis are techniques which enable one to make full use of one's mental abilities. There are a variety of siddhis recorded in the Vedas. Some are so mind-boggling that were I to include them I felt that it would be so far beyond the conditioned thinking of many readers that it would be incomprehensible and may cause readers to dismiss this entire book as imaginative fancy. Therefore, I have intentionally not mentioned specific abilities.

I do not expect you to believe that superhuman abilities are part of every persons latent potential. However, you owe it to yourself, at the very least, to accept the possibility that these abilities might be part of your natural birthright.

The first step to achieving anything is knowing that it is within the realm of possibility. As long as people felt that it was not possible for heavier-than-air objects to fly, an airplane could not be built. Believing otherwise, the Wright brothers built an airplane and flew. At first, they did not fly far, they did not fly high, and they did not fly for long. But they flew. Once you accept the possibility of accomplishing something you are well on your way toward achieving it.

Almost everyone has had some personal experience that appeared to extend beyond the limits of the senses. Perhaps it was a spontaneous knowledge that a friend was about to telephone, and just then the friend called. Have you ever felt very familiar in a place where you have not been before? Did you ever have a dream that came true? Did you ever know intuitively what someone was going to say just before they said it? Are such experiences to be looked at as freaks of nature, or are these hints of potential abilities? They are hints of potential abilities.

How does a moderately-built judo expert take his relatively weak hand and plough it through a stack of bricks that would resist breaking by a hefty construction worker using a sledgehammer? Does the judo expert accomplish this feat by how he positions his hand at the point of impact with the bricks? Or is it how he holds his mind at the point of impact with the bricks? Experts claim that the bricks shatter as a result of applied mind power; that the hand follows the force of the mind which acts as the leading edge for the hand.

Extraordinary feats of strength have also been exhibited by persons reacting spontaneously in emergency situations. I recall a news account of a person manually lifting a truck to free a person pinned beneath it, later bewildered at how he was able to lift such a heavy object. Such accounts are not that rare. Consider also, the "bona fide" psychics. Are they freaks of nature? Or are they just tapping their latent potential?

One psychic lady I am aware of has the uncanny ability to predict earthquakes. She registers her predictions with the United States Geological Survey in Denver, Colorado. She claims to be about 85% accurate in forecasting where the earthquake will strike, when it will strike, and how strong it will be. She says that she predicts earthquakes in the hopes that her demonstrations of accurate predictions will open peoples' minds to accepting unusual mental abilities.

On January 3,1981, to prove her precognitive abilities, she broadcast over a radio station that an earthquake measuring between 3 and 3.4 on the Richter scale would occur in the vicinity of Los Angeles on either January 7th, 8th, or 9th. The following Thursday morning, January 8, Los Angeles was moderately shaken by an earthquake that officially measured 3.2 on the Richter scale. Its epicenter was two miles southwest of Malibu Beach.

One correct prediction can be dismissed as a lucky guess. Repeated correct predictions must lead one to consider that maybe events cast their shadows before they occur, and that perhaps some people are sensitive enough to be able to perceive these shadows.

Like child prodigies born with talent, some persons are born with certain supernormal abilities, while other persons occasionally have spontaneous experiences of one or more superhuman powers. (By now, you must realize that I use the term superhuman lightly. These abilities are all part of our normal range of functioning.) Now, however, it is possible to systematically unfold full use of one's mental potential in order to utilize the latent faculties of the mind, nothing being left to chance.

In 1977, newspapers in Canada, Europe and the United States carried articles about the new breakthrough in human potential announced by the Transcendental Meditation movement. The announced breakthrough was not so much a new discovery of human potential, but rather, a breakthrough in the ability to understand full human potential in terms of modern-day quantum physics. What heretofore furrowed eyebrows and challenged comprehension is now readily discernible under scrutiny of even the most meticulous of scientists.

The news report included information about a special course of study structured by Maharashi Mahesh Yogi, which he called the "TM-Sidhi program." The TM-Sidhi program is a natural extension of the Transcendental Meditation program and may be learned after about two months of regular practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique. Practice of the TM-Sidhi program accelerates the progress of the individual towards realizing his full potential - the state of enlightenment.

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