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Chapter 14

Why Practice Yogic Flying?

Let us look at some of the reasons why salesmen should be practicing the TM-Sidhi program. The application of developing higher levels of intelligence, learning ability, creativity, and neurological efficiency are obvious and need no comment. But, of what value to the sales profession is the practice of Yogic Flying? There are several reasons.

First, the practice of the TM-Sidhi techniques is fun to do. Take, for example the Yogic Flying technique. I personally find it tremendously revitalizing. I can be completely beat from a vigorous day's work, but, after practicing Yogic Flying for a while I am recharged and raring to go. It is a very pleasurable experience, and one characterized by a feeling of freedom as the bondage of gravity is released. It is also a social function. Fellow Yogic Flyers get together at the local Transcendental Meditation center, put on their jump-suits and do Yogic Flying.

Second, the practice of superhuman abilities is a test of our personal growth. The practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique and the TM-Sidhi technique enables one to contact the home of all the laws of nature, and through regular practice, to structure the home of all the laws of nature in one's awareness. Hence, a highly developed mind-body coordination is achieved. It should be possible, then, for meditators to verify their personal growth by levitating by mere intention. The performance of siddhis is, in effect, a feedback indicator of our progress.

Third, studies conducted at Maharishi European Research University, researching consciousness as the field of all possibilities, disclosed that EEG brain-wave coherence was maximum during the time siddhis were being performed. The greatest brain-wave coherence was evident when the Yogic Flying siddhi was being practiced. It is the performance of the Yogic Flying siddhi, then, that has been determined to be the best means to bring maximum orderliness to the functioning of the brain. Concurrently, at the point of lift-off, when brainwave coherence was maximum, physical activity was at its peak. Where the Transcendental Meditation technique develops wholeness of awareness in Transcendental Consciousness, the Yogic Flying siddhi best develops the ability to maintain that level of Transcendental Consciousness in an active state.

It is the Yogic Flying siddhi that produces the greatest linkage between Transcendental Consciousness and activity, that is, the greatest coordination between mind and body. Hence, the practice of the Yogic Flying siddhi is the means to accelerate the development of one's mind-body coordination. In other words, wholeness of consciousness grows fastest with the practice of the Yogic Flying siddhi.

This is the primary reason for practicing the TM-Sidhi techniques, with emphasis on Yogic Flying. They are not performed for the purpose of accomplishing a few remarkable feats, but to serve as a means to create a permanent link of Transcendental Consciousness in dynamic activity. It is when Transcendental Consciousness is able to be maintained, fully established concurrently in dynamic activity, that fulfillment of any desire is enabled.

It is said that man is born in the image of the Creator. Man is the microcosm duplicate of the macrocosm universe. "As above, so below," is the great axiom. All of the powers and the laws of the universe are also found within man. We are the embodiment of total natural law. Not understanding this fact and not knowing how to tap the full potential of natural law within us, these fundamental laws of nature, the powers of nature, lie dormant. It is analogous to a man, who being unaware of the huge inheritance left for him by his father, believes himself to be poor. Unaware of his wealth he does not use it. He continues to live in poverty. Someone finally comes along and tells him of his inheritance. His awareness gets connected to the bank and he receives a simple procedure whereby he can tap and utilize his vast wealth in the market. Instantly, he no longer is found to suffer from poverty. Nothing has changed in this man's life, only his awareness of his own status and the knowledge of the procedure necessary to use his resources. Likewise, in considering superhuman powers, there is nothing to attain or acquire. You already have everything as your natural birthright. You only need to become aware of your status and learn how to contact that field of all possibilities, that field of pure potentiality, that territory of natural law, within you and apply it in your daily activity in order to achieve maximum success from your actions.

The TM-Sidhi practices give us a habit; they create a habit in us to function from the least excited state of consciousness, which is the field of all possibilities. And functioning from the field of all possibilities means we materialize our desires quickly.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Persons using only a limited, surface level of their minds find expression in a limited arena of speech and action. The practice of the TM-Sidhi techniques extends the range of mental functioning by actively utilizing the Transcendental Consciousness state of consciousness in activity, thereby serving to deepen and extend the sensory-motor channels to their utmost extent.

Earlier it was mentioned that according to Vedic tradition, and now verified by physics, Transcendental Consciousness (pure consciousness, cosmic mind) is not only the source of thought, but also the generator of all physical manifestations and events throughout nature - consciousness is not just a local phenomenon in the brain. By bringing one's individual mind in attunement with cosmic mind whatever one desires immediately begins to happen. Any intention of the mind at that basic level of natural law must become a phenomenon in the obvious world.

Continued practice of the TM-Sidhi techniques stabilizes our ability to function from the field of all possibilities. When the ability to function from the field of all possibilities is fully stabilized, it is called enlightenment. The successful performance of siddhis, therefore, is a test of, as well as an accelerating influence in, the growth of enlightenment in our consciousness. The ability to perform superhuman feats is inseparable from enlightenment. Enlightenment is living the wholeness of life; living one's life with awareness structured in the home of all the laws of nature (individual mind in complete attunement with cosmic mind.) With awareness structured in the home of all the laws of nature one gains maximum effectiveness in every action.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi states:

Action is always based on the level of consciousness. A man can only see red when he has red glasses on, and then he cannot see anything other than red. In the same way, when we raise a person's level of consciousness, he can only behave rightly. An ideal society will result from people's spontaneous right behavior, which will take within its fold all the necessary considerations for the proper sense of values for their own interests and for the interests of other people. An ideal society can never be created by telling people the importance of caring for the interests of others. A balanced life can only grow in society when every action is spontaneously able to accommodate both the interests of the individual and the interests of those around him, and this will be on the basis of his ability to perform action that is spontaneously in accordance with all the laws of nature. Only action in accordance with nature will simultaneously satisfy the interests of the individual, society, and the cosmos.

Finally, the effect produced by a group practicing their TM-Sidhis together is far-reaching. We have seen in our prior considerations of quantum physics how a small number of atoms in perfect phase with one another create a synergy of coherence throughout the entire structure. Quantum physics refers to this phenomenon as super-radiance. Likewise, the principle of super-radiance occurs when a group of individuals practice the Yogic Flying technique together. The collective group practice produces an orderly harmonious effect throughout the community through the omnipresent nature of consciousness itself. Remember, from earlier discussion, that consciousness may be likened to the omnipresent quantum field. Hence, the quantum field of omnipresent consciousness is capable of influencing and correlating events without localized limitations. An excerpt from Dr. Byron Rigby's paper presented at the 1977 Sixth World Congress of Psychiatry in Honolulu, Hawaii, explains:

When individual consciousness is focused, its influence is localized to the object of attention and to the individual observer. However, when focal attention is allowed to become unbounded, as in the Transcendental Meditation technique, then individual consciousness is continuous with collective consciousness. As consciousness approaches its state of least excitation, larger and larger areas of collective consciousness are included in the individual's awareness. It is for this reason that Maharishi has insisted for many years that it is the transcending process itself which confers the primary benefit on social organization, and not simply the improved productive output of the individual's daily activity.

On this basis we can see how a few individuals within the sales department of a corporation, who meditate and practice the TM-Sidhi techniques, will not only achieve greater success for themselves, but will, through the omnipresence of collective consciousness, produce an orderly, coherent, and harmonious effect in the productivity of other nonmeditating employees around them as well - the entire corporation benefits. Through the combined efforts of a few individuals in a corporation practicing Yogic Flying it is possible to enhance the success quotient of the entire corporation.

Corporate leaders and sales trainers are beginning to realize that it is now possible to create a group of salesmen who have the field of all possibilities open to them through the development of consciousness, and thereby, they can create, through the super-radiance effect of collective consciousness, an ideal corporation; one characterized by orderliness, harmony, efficiency and successful right action. But, do not wait for others to take the initiative for your personal development. You take the initiative.

For Sales' Sake Meditate!

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