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Vincent J. Daczynski

Chapter 3

The Ancient Key to Success

We saw in the previous chapter that positive action, effective successful action, is based on positive thinking, and that being positive is the basis for thinking positive. It is being that is the underlying basic foundation wherein success has its roots. Whether we consider being positive, or being dynamic, or being intelligent, or being energetic, or being healthy, or being happy, or being sociable, or being anything, we must first be. Being, existence, that essence of life itself, is that level of life deep within the individual whence all positive creative impulses of life come. Being is that primary force that permeates all life. It is infinite, unbounded, omnipotent, omniscient, and it is your true inner nature. It is your inner, unlimited storehouse of all possibilities. In itself it is absolute, unchanging. But it is the source, deep within you--it is the infinite, omnipotent and omniscient level--from where all of your aspirations, ambitions, thoughts, etc., arise.

A man is known by his actions. And how he acts is based on how he thinks. And how he thinks is based on the extent to which he is connected to his own inner nature, being. Failures, sickness, suffering, social unrest and all negativity are due to lack of knowledge about, and contact with, one's own inner nature. It is impossible to be connected to the infinite, omnipotent, omniscient level of one's own inner life and be a failure. It is when life is not lived anchored deep in being that one is tossed about by the surface waves of life.

I am sure that you recognize that this is not a new teaching. Yet, how many people make use of it in their daily lives? The teaching has always been, "First enter the Kingdom of Heaven and then all shall be added unto you." Notice the emphasis on first. And where is the Kingdom of Heaven to be found? Is it some mythical place we ascend to after we depart from this earthly plane of existence? No. We are told, "The Kingdom of Heaven lies within." We must first bring our awareness to that level of life deep within us and then perform action. This is the way to acquire success in all areas of life--and all means 'all.' Success in all areas of life is a natural by-product resulting from contacting that inner being (Kingdom of Heaven) within you.

How often have you also heard, "Know Thyself." This is the same teaching. It does not mean to go to a psychoanalyst, or to begin a process of self-inquiry. The self is the fountainhead level of life within you. The self is that inner universality of life which is your true inner nature. It is being. It is that latent inner aspect of your life which is the field of all possibilities.

In the Muslim tradition this truth has been expressed as: "ana'l-Haqq" ("I am the Truth"). In the Vedic literature this truth has been expressed as "Aham Brahmasmi" ("I am the totality").

This truth may be held by some to be a philosophy or a religious doctrine. However, it is also a basic scientific truth. Albeit this truth has been found throughout religious teachings does not make the truth religious. It is a truth apart from the religious doctrines which have upheld it, and it is a truth directly applicable to our selling endeavors.

Quantum mechanics in modern physics identifies a field of life that is analogous to the ancient teachings. It states that there is a ground state, a unified field, which is the fundamental nonchanging field of life. It is eternal, unbounded, beyond space and time, wherein are contained all possibilities. It is the unmanifested field of pure potentiality from where all force and matter fields emerge. If you have thi you have everything. Some early physicists have postulated that this unmanifested field of pure potentiality may be consciousness itself. Max Planck stated, "I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness." And Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington said, "All through the physical world runs the unknown content that must surely be the stuff of our consciousness."

Renown Harvard graduate and physicist, Dr. John Hagelin, who is also a qualified teacher of the Transcendental Meditation technique, is spearheading the cutting edge of the recent discovery that a unified field of consciousness is indeed at the foundation of all conscious experience. He argues that consciousness is fundamental in nature--the lively origin and basis of everything in creation--and not merely the result of biochemical processes in the brain. Dr. Hagelin identifies numerous parallels between the qualities of the single unified field sought by Einstein and the qualities of consciousness. He argues that consciousness is the unified field.

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