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Vincent J. Daczynski

Chapter 5

Gaining More Energy

One of the most important requisites for success in selling is your energy level. Drive, aggressiveness, stamina, power, motivation and enthusiasm all have energy as their basis. The higher your energy level is the more you will exhibit these attributes in your daily activity. This is natural. The natural tendency of life is to have more, to enjoy more. Life evolves toward greater fulfillment. Give a salesman more energy and he will naturally increase his productivity.

Highly successful people have noticed that when they set very high goals for themselves, they work hard to achieve those goals. Setting higher goals to achieve more may be true up to a point. But what good is it to set high goals for yourself if you do not have the energy to meet those goals? In my opinion, the goal-setting superstars are successful primarily because they have the energy to meet their goals. Successful salesmen have a high level of energy. That is why they can work hard at selling. The present school of thought, however, is to set high goals and then use a variety of pep talk, motivational-type training sessions in order to emotionally charge-up the salesman to meet those goals with nervous energy. It might get a salesman to push himself harder. But it is similar to pressing down on the accelerator of your car while in first gear. You will feel the straining of the car if you keep this process going. The same holds true for the salesman who attempts to meet his goals based on a hyped-up emotional charge from a pep talk. The strain to keep up the pace, sooner or later, catches up with him. Chronic fatigue, salesman-burnout, and sales-slump results. The less fortunate - like two associates of mine - drop dead from heart attacks. In the long haul pep talks do not substitute for lack of energy. Eventually, salesmen become desensitized to pep talks. To keep salesmen excited, sales trainers are continually contriving new gimmicks, slogans, charts, etc., with which to prod salesmen into higher productivity.

A fresh approach to motivating salesmen is necessary. We know from physics that the deeper we go into matter the more energy there is. The atomic level is more powerful than the molecular level, and the subatomic level is still more powerful than the atomic level. Mind is a subtle form of matter. We have reviewed in Chapter III that matter has its basis in consciousness. At each successively finer level of thought there is increasing power, more energy. The source of thought is the source of life itself. It is the primary energy that underlies all existence. It is an infinite reservoir of energy, and it is the same field of pure potentiality that lies deep within you. This is your inner self which we discussed earlier.

The TM technique, by giving the mind the opportunity to experience thought at increasingly finer levels, and ultimately to transcend the finest level of thinking, directly connects you to the powerhouse. During the practice of Transcendental Meditation the body and mind draw from this inner reservoir of energy. A few minutes of charging your batteries via TM in the A.M. is sufficient to enable a full day of vigorous activity. Then, another short period of recharging before dinner provides more energy for continued dynamic activity throughout the evening.

A salesman with more energy automatically sets higher goals for himself. He becomes self-motivated. Self-motivation is really motivation from the level of one's own inner nature - the self. Productivity automatically increases. And when a salesman is able to meet his goals, job satisfaction increases proportionately. Pilot studies at General Motors Corporation and American Telephone and Telegraph Company support the findings of Dr. David R. Frew; persons practicing the TM technique show increased productivity, more job satisfaction, and less desire to change jobs.

Procrastination is caused primarily by lack of energy. When fatigue sets in, the mind contrives a variety of excuses to delay action in order to give the system badly needed rest. It is natural to procrastinate when you run out of energy. This is the body's built-in safeguard. You do not eliminate procrastination by pep talks. More energy automatically minimizes procrastination. I say "minimizes" because three other factors fuel procrastination: emotional inhibitors; bad health; and a weak mind. These factors are dealt with in later chapters.

How often have you felt that you did not have enough time? Is it really the lack of time that cheats you from success? Then what accounts for the tremendous success some salesmen have who possess the same twenty-four hours per day? Do they have more intelligence, more efficiency? Maybe, to an extent. But their energy plays the more important role.

The TM technique does not only connect you to your inner powerhouse, but, by virtue of making that connection, also rejuvenates the entire nervous system. The TM technique gives you "bounce-back" and endurance.

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