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Vincent J. Daczynski

Chapter 7

Being More Efficient

Do you have a minute? We all have come into this life with somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 to 50 million minutes, give or take a few million minutes depending upon our contract with the Creator. That is a lot of time. Yet, how often have you said to yourself that you did not have the time to do something, "If I only had the time to ...?" What accounts for some individuals' staggering achievements while other individuals cannot even provide for their own basic survival needs? It is never a question of having sufficient time. It is a matter of having sufficient energy and the intelligence to know what to do with the energy you have. Look at the tremendous accomplishments of the Almighty Creator, expressing its infinite energy and intelligence to produce and sustain all the diversity of relative existence.

Man was born in the image of the Creator. We have inherent within us, as our inner divine nature, that same source of infinite energy and intelligence as that of the Creator. Man, not having his awareness established in that source, makes mistakes and then proclaims, "To err is human." This is just an excuse for not knowing how to draw from that infinite reservoir of energy and intelligence deep within us. It is an excuse for one's ignorance of the basic natural law that needs to be followed to achieve success.

Everything in nature works with harmonious, split-second precision. Only man, who has been endowed with free will, is found stumbling around, creating disharmony and experiencing failures. There is a divine plan in nature, and nature intends for everything to operate in tune with this plan. When something goes out of balance nature moves to correct the discordant note like a conductor who keeps the entire orchestra operating in harmony. In nature, like in an orchestra, there is plenty of latitude for individual expression. However, that individual expression must harmonize with the plan of the divine orchestra. Harmony is basic to nature.

Nature's built-in safeguard which assures that harmony is maintained is the law of cause and effect. We have all been told, "As you do unto others so it shall be done unto you." More colloquially, "What goes around comes around." Sir Isaac Newton discovered this principle in nature and stated, "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." A harmonious life-supporting action will produce a harmonious effect.

It should be obvious, then, that selling a bad product, that is, selling a product that is not serving one's fellow man in some positive way, cannot produce continued success. Or using sales methods and techniques that tend to deceive, manipulate or otherwise take advantage of the prospects to whom we are selling will also fail to produce continued results. That which is life-supporting, that which has a positive influence on others and the environment, will succeed. And it will succeed to the extent to which it is life-supporting. That is the basic law of cause and effect. Whatever you put into causation you effect. You can view this principle from the perspective of making a single sales call. Or you can take a broader view and consider the effects that must result from the cumulative actions of many individuals.

I recall a well-known financial analyst who published a newsletter of investment recommendations to a select group of insiders. After the insiders had the opportunity to take their investment positions, the analyst recommended the same investment to the general public via his nationally syndicated newspaper column, fully knowing that this touting would drive up the price of the investment. Then, he and his insiders would bail out making a handsome profit. He made a lot of money for himself and the insiders. At the same time, he generated a lot of ill will among the general public who were left holding the bag. I do not want to be in this analyst's shoes when "what goes around comes around."

Here is another example of how some salesmen play the game of life. A former boss of mine told me that he would show me how to close the big deals. At a meeting with the prospect my boss simply stated, "Mr. X, which would you prefer to have: $3,000 cash, or a home entertainment system delivered to your house?" as he abruptly flicked the contract over to the prospect for signing. He made the sale. But in the process he lost a good employee.

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