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Inspirational Motivational Sales Training Book uses Meditation technique to boost sales.


1.  "Sales people that are centered and grounded maximize their sales. Contained herein are the tools to show you how you can be calm, peaceful, serene and optimize your sales success."

Mark Victor Hansen - Co-creator, #1 New York Times best-selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul®, and Co-author, The One Minute

2.  "...Here in his book For Sales Sake Meditate!, Vince's enlightened views on T.M. in conjunction with salesmanship are put forward in a no-nonsense practical manner, and are a must-read for anyone who wants true success in sales, and most importantly, true success in life."

David Lynch - Writer/Filmmaker/Director, Asymmetrical Productions, Hollywood, California;

3.  “Your most important product is yourself. People really buy because of who you are as a person. After just a few days of practicing Transcendental Meditation, you’ll be more at ease, radiate real friendliness and be able to relate better to all kinds of people. You’ll find that the sale is made before you even begin the presentation.

The qualities that TM produce aren’t just some kind of mood or attitude, but rather they’re how you really, naturally are. Everyone can learn TM, and quickly begin to enjoy more of everything. I’ve been practicing TM for over well over 30 years: Every new day reminds me how valuable the technique is for bringing success to all areas of life.”

Nicholas Bedworth - Founder and Chief Technology Officer, DigitalDirect Corporation (virtual media distribution technology) Maui, Hawaii;

4.  "This book should be required reading in every business school. Recent ethical lapses in corporate behavior require us to re-evaluate business as usual. Mr. Daczynski supplies us with an approach that promises to enhance sales performance as it strengthens health, improving the bottom line while it develops personal responsibility. Each of us, in our roles as business people, consumers, partners or associates, will benefit from the tenets elucidated in these pages. Companies will get better salesmen, families will get better parents, communities will get better citizens. A must read!

COL Brian Rees MD - Currently Colonel - US Army Reserve, board certified in family practice, and author of Heal Your Self, Heal Your

5.  "For Sales Sake Meditate! by Vincent Daczynski is both enlightening and refreshing. It is nice to know that sales does not have to be hard-sell and let's get your money. The art of diplomacy and the attitude of making the exchange of product or services for money beneficial to the buyer and the seller is really the ultimate in capitalism and good business sense.

Mr. Daczynski advocates meditation because he believes that a more relaxed, energetic and happy individual will be a better salesman. He's right! I have met dozens of T.M. teachers and meditators and found them to be positive, focused and successful in whatever field they chose. Particularly in government and business I have seen meditators achieve great success.

I heartily recommend For Sales Sake Meditate! by Vincent Daczynski. Watch your sales go through the roof!"

James P. Connors - Former Mayor, City of Scranton, PA--currently teaching

6.  Mr. Tomoyori from Japan is the Guinness world record holder for recalling numbers. In 1990, at the age of 58, he won the world record by recalling the number pi to 40,000 decimal places.

"I learned Transcendental Meditation when I wanted to relax better, in order to maintain my ability to concentrate," he says. "Because it takes 17 hours to say 40,000 decimal places from memory, I need a certain level of relaxation while I am simultaneously concentrating. Transcendental Meditation has strengthened my concentration and helps me to sleep deeply."

From the In-house magazine of the Sony Corporation

7.  "Your website is informative and excellent."

M.P. Bhattathiri - Retired Chief Technical Examiner, Govt. of Kerala, and author of Bhagavad Gita and the Philosophy of Management

8.  "I have been practicing the Transcendental Meditation technique for over 35 years and feel that my practice of TM has developed a positive energy field around me, a magnetic aura which attracts prosperity and success. For example, in 2001, I beat extraordinary odds by winning second place in California's SuperLotto Plus lottery. I do not mean to imply that TM will make you win lotteries, but, I do credit my practice of Transcendental Meditation for making me a winner in all areas of my life."

Vince Daczynski - Author, For Sales Sake Meditate!

9.  Mozambique's President Alberto Joachim Chissano has credited much of his country's sustained peace and economic development to the implementation of the Transcendental Meditation program in his country.

He stated, "First I started the practice of Transcendental Meditation myself, then introduced the practice to my close family, my cabinet ministers, my government officers, and my military. The result has been political peace and balance in Nature in my country."

From "Africa Economic Analysis" (to view full report click here)

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