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*Excerpts (continued XIV-XV)

Chapter XIV Why Practice Yogic Flying?

...It is the Yogic Flying sidhi that produces the greatest linkage between Transcendental Consciousness and activity, that is, the greatest coordination between mind and body. Hence, the practice of the Yogic Flying sidhi is the means to accelerate the development of one's mind-body coordination. In other words, wholeness of consciousness grows fastest with the practice of the Yogic Flying Sidhi.

This is the primary reason for practicing the TM-Sidhi techniques, with emphasis on Yogic Flying. They are not performed for the purpose of accomplishing a few remarkable feats, but to serve as a means to create a permanent link of Transcendental Consciousness in dynamic activity. It is when Transcendental Consciousness is able to be maintained, fully established concurrently in dynamic activity, that fulfillment of any desire is enabled.

It is said that man is born in the image of the creator...All of the powers and laws of the universe are also found within man. We are the embodiment of total natural law. Not understanding this fact and not knowing how to tap the full potential of natural law within us, these fundamental laws of nature, the powers of nature, lie dormant. It is analogous to a man, who being unaware of the huge inheritance left for him by his father, believes himself to be poor. Unaware of his wealth he does not use it. He continues to live in poverty. Someone finally comes along and tells him of his inheritance. His awareness gets connected to the bank and he receives a simple procedure whereby he can tap and utilize his vast wealth in the market. Instantly, he no longer is found to suffer from poverty. Nothing has changed in this man's life, only his awareness of his own status and the knowledge of the procedure necessary to use his resources. Likewise, in considering superhuman powers, there is nothing to attain or acquire. You already have everything as your natural birthright. You only need to become aware of your status and learn how to contact that field of all possibilities, that field of pure potentiality, that territory of natural law, within you and apply it in your daily activity in order to achieve maximum success from your actions.

Chapter XV An Invitation to Enlightenment

...Currently, tens of thousands of persons, on their own, and through company sponsored programs, are systematically unfolding their full potential. Progressive corporations, recognizing that harnessing and utilizing the mind is the greatest capital investment they can make for their future, are implementing Transcendental Meditation programs as part of their executive sales training. You are already competing against supersalesmen. The unfoldment of the full use of one's mental potential is an exponential one, and therefore, there is no catching up. You need to join the silent ranks of meditators or be left far behind. Do not become lost in the pace of progress--time and tide wait for no man. The age of the supersalesman is here and now...

I have found the practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique to be very meaningful in my life, and thereby, have fulfilled a lifelong dream. This book is my attempt to share my treasure trove with you. I hope that I have made you aware of your infinite potential as a human being, and I also hope that, at the very least, you will give the Transcendental Meditation technique a try. Experience for yourself the benefits described in this book.


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