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Food for Thought -

Aspartame Poisoning, MSG, Microwave Cooking Danger, Flouride Dangers,
Solar Healing, Collodial Silver, Herbal Remedies, Sacred Geometry,
Unexplained Mysteries, Predictions, Amazing Abilities, etc.

The following are some links to thought provoking information from microwave cooking danger to sacred geometry and magic mathematics.

Disclaimer: The information and Linked Sites have not necessarily been reviewed by me in part or in full. Third Party Sites that I have linked to via the Site(s) are not under my control. I assume no responsibility for the contents of any 'Off-Site' web pages referenced from my web site, contents, activities, products or services of any Linked Site, including without limitation any link contained in a Linked Site, or any changes or updates to a Linked Site. I am not responsible for archived material, broadcasts, webcasting or any other form of transmission received from any Linked Site. I am providing these links to you only as food for thought, and the inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement or recommendation by me of the site or any association with its operators. I do not receive any remuneration from any linked site.

Some of the medical and health claims, information or suggestions made on these Sites are controversial and may be based on preliminary research studies, and not necessarily proven, or necessarily applicable to your health situation. You should always check with your professional health care provider as part of your decision making process.

Interview with What if? The Movie Cast Member.

Aspartame/NutraSweet Toxicity Summary.
Report: Aspartame-Induced Dyspnea and Pulmonary Hypertension.
Sweet Misery - A film about the dangers of aspartame.
DORway - site dedicated to informing the public about the many unhealthy aspects of aspartame.
FDA compiled list of 92 symptoms of aspartame poisoning.
Open Letter to FDA & CDC - how aspartame triggers sudden death and blood clots.
The connection between Aspartame and Multiple Sclerosis.
The full CDC report about aspartame - this link's to DORway's website.
Your Health & What You Eat - about Stevia, a natural sweetener.

Scientist Gary Null speaking against mandatory vaccinations (PART I).
Scientist Gary Null speaking against mandatory vaccinations (PART II).
Scientist Gary Null speaking against mandatory vaccinations (PART III).

Newswire - New Health Dangers of Genetically Modified Food (and Vaccines) Discovered.
Seeds of Deception: How To Avoid Genetically Modified Foods.
Is Genetically Engineered Food Good for You? - excellent resource site.
The Damage Genetically Modified Foods Can Do to Your Body.

Is the food additive MSG slowly poisoning America?
The Govt definition of "natural flavors" - because it's "natural" doesn't make it safe.
George E. Shambaugh, Jr., MD, Professor Emeritus - writes about the dangers in taste enhancers.
The dangers of MSG: If MSG isn't harmful, why is it hidden?
Collected Reports of Adverse Reactions to MSG Ingestion.
Hidden sources of MSG; some names of ingredients that contain MSG.
The danger of MSG and how it is hidden in vaccines.
Links to MSG Documents.
Food additives - uses and side effects.
The Slow Poisoning of America- book about the dangers of food additives.

Super Size Me, a documentary film by Morgan Spurlock about his experiment with a fast food diet. Everyone who eats fast food should see SuperSize me.

Dr. Joseph Mercola provides his opinion about the danger of microwave cooking.
Are Microwave Ovens a Source of Danger?
Nenah Sylver, Ph.D., on the Dangers of Microwaving Food and Water.
Yet another site about the danger of microwave cooking.

How I got my mother, father and sister to quit smoking without trying.
A thought provoking lecture by Diane M. Rousseau - Spirituality, World Peace and Sustained Living.
A thought provoking lecture by Diane M. Rousseau - Innovative Education and Sustained Living.
Celibacy, meditation and enlightenment; excellent site about celibacy..

The Bovine Growth Hormone in Your Milk - Is it Safe?
Meyenberg Goat Milk - no preservatives and free of antibiotics and Bovine Growth Hormones.
Soy Myth Exposed: Soy is Not a Health Food.
Shampoo Ingredient Kills Rats' Brain Cells - Industry sees no harm to consumers.
Can Sunscreen Cause Cancer?
Blood Cells Harmed Even to Low Exposure to Benzene.
Do Cell Phones Increase Risk of Cancer?
Brain expert cautions about the risk of mobile phones.
Environmental Research Foundation provides free newsletter about hazardous substances, risk assessments, and their effects on human and environmental health.
Is Teflon cookware safe? - Tips on safer cookware

Toxcicity of Flouride?
Dr. Gerard F. Judd - Have Good Teeth from Birth to Death.
Education and Organization promoting mercury free dentistry.
Directory of mercury free dentists.

Is it a stroke? - Simple test for stroke symptoms.
Dr. Russell L. Blaylock's Book - Health and Nutrition Secrets.
Dr. R. Michael Castle's Article - The Methodic Demise of Natural Earth.
Cancer Care - provides free professional support services to anyone affected by cancer.
Dao`s Cognition-Theory(DCT) - claims an advanced psychiatry approach to emotional clearing.
Cymatics - Using sound frequencies to cure deseases, pioneered by Swiss MD Hans Jenny.
Dr. Hulda Clark - Quackery or Advanced Medicine?
Alternative Cancer Cures, Collodial Silver, etc?
How drinking affects driving. (link to Potsdam University site)
Non-lethal defense: Cell phone and flashlight stun guns, etc.

Wrong Diagnosis; an extenstive resource of symptoms and diseases, including wrong diagnosis.
Check out the truth about folklore, legends, myths, email hoaxes, computer virus warnings.

Can this Gall Bladder Flush prevent surgery?
Uriflow - Offers a non-prescription kidney stone treatment that dissolves and flushes out stones.
Alternative health site.
Alternative Health - using collodial silver to cure diseases?
Purest Colloids, Inc. - offers metal colloid products for use as dietary supplements
Herbal Remedies - more info about collodial silver.
GAIAM - offers products for natural health, ecological lifestyles, personal growth.
Real Goods - offers products for fresh air, clean water, renewable energy, etc.
Ayurvedic herbs, organic health friendly, self-care products.
Envirotech Products - water and air filters, shower heads, distillers
The Science of Natural Light.
HealthDay - online news reports about health issues.

What the (Bleep) Do We Know? - Scientists discuss the nature of reality - Award winning docudrama.
ParaScience International - Offers book about spontaneous human combustion.
The mystery of time.
Mysteries of Vedic Mathematics, Sacred Geometry, Magic Squares and the Golden Mean - truly out-of-the-box thinking.
Magic Stars and Magic Squares; fascinating food for thought for the math enthusiast.
Sacred mathematics and sacred geometry - a metaphysical perspective.
The sun is NOT simply a ball of gas; it has a hard and rigid ferrite surface below the photosphere.
Is your child an Indigo Child?.
History of Computers - from fourth century B.C.
Famous Poetry Online - a collection of famous poems.

An archive of Sacred Texts.
Snopes reference source for urban legends.
The Kebra Nagast.
Demonstration of psychic powers.
Earth changes media.
Mount St. Helens volcano cam.
Oldest living holocust survivor; uplifting interview.
Secrets of a credit card thief.
Amma Sri Karunamayi speaks about the cause of the Gulf Oil Spill.

Coral Castle - Unbelievable mind-boggling human achievement.
Yogi claims he has not eaten or drank fluids for 68 years. See BBC news report.
Unexplained mysteries - a photo gallery.
Vedic Observatory.
UFO's depicted in many famous Renaissance Era paintings.
Panoramic view from Mt. Everest.

It's About Time - famous quotes about time.
My Favorite Poem.
Slide presentation of panoramic scenes with inspirational quotes.
Amazing Human Abilities - author's other website.
See this amazing Fire Yogi movie trailer - Unbelievable!.
The story of the Weeping Camel; a heart expanding documentary; watch free online.

Brian (psychic) claims numerous correct predictions, many missing persons solved, etc.
David Wilcock; about soul growth, ascension and the evolution of consciousness.
Mind-expanding Video; Is UFO disclosure very near, Part I.
Mind-expanding Video; Is UFO disclosure very near, Part II.
World War III Nostradamus Predictions; Essays by Vijay Kumar.
Is Ronald Weinland God's Final Witness? His prophecies include the demise of the United States over the next year, which will be followed by man's final world war.

One of the most inspirational video clips I have ever seen.
Being grateful for what you have; inspirational video.
Bob Newhart Video, "Stop It". It is funny, but also has much truth to it.
Unbelievable juggling act by Beatrice Vivaldi.
Incredible seven-year old Gospel singer.
Tai Chi Master demonstrates Chi Power.

See These Beautiful Paintings by Claudia Dose.
See Diane Rousseau's Cosmic Artwork.

A Great Cell Phone Idea In Case of Emergency; use it on your kid's cell phone. is a comprehensive guide to information about Self Improvement, Personal Growth and Self Help on the Internet. Contains articles and references to thousands of other Web Sites, World Wide.
How to get your name removed from junk mail listings.

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