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Vincent J. Daczynski

Just for Fun

The following are some links to fun things I thought you might enjoy.

My Favorite Card Trick.
This online card trick tests your gullibility.
Cute Romance Story.
Humorous Police Comments.
Four those who reed and right.
Take this Tibetan Personality Test - your answers will surprise you.

This Optical Illusion Tests Your Power of Concentration.
Extraordinary Optical Illusion - Do You Believe Your Eyes?
Unusual optical illusions.
A gallery of optical illusions. Site has a lot of advertising, but still worth a visit.
Scientific proof how our thoughts and feelings affect our physical reality - outstanding!

Crow adopts kitten.
The Christmas Secret of the Guinea Elves.
A Guinea Pig Story with Photos for Children.
Elephant Paining an Elephant - Unbelievable!.
Crocidile Crazy - man's love affair with crocodile.
Humming Bird Nest - a tender time sequence of developing baby humming birds.
An Incredible Swing-Dancing Dog.
Cute Photos of Funny Dogs.
Touching Photos of Unusual Animal Friendships.
The Movie, March of the Penguins (go see this amazing documentary!)
"Patches the Horse" thinks he is human - amazing video!

Excellent website about dinosaurs.
Live Cam of Loch Ness - will you be the one to spot Nessie?
Google Earth, Get a satellite view of your neighborhood or any place else from Google Earth.
Today in History; select a date and see all the historical events that happened.

Hillarious oops photos.
The Flying French Man: Watch this amazing heart swelling video of unbelievable horsemanship!
The Flying French Man: Home site of the Flying Frenchman, Lorenzo
Chief Crazy Horse Memorial; with live webcam.
Will Rogers the Ropin' Fool - Video.
Unbelievable trick-shot basketball hoop shooter.

Dissolving the Illusion of Separation - Movie Trailer
What if you held the key to unlocking the greatest discovery of mankind?
Amazing Human Abilities - Personal accounts of amazing paranormal human abilities.
Unexplained Mysteries - a photo gallery.
Ripley's Believe It or Not! - Official Website.
Discovery Channel - Official Website.
Museum of Unnatural Mystery.

NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive.
NASA's Hubble Telescope - spectacular space photographs are a must see!
Official NASA site - broad range of informative data.
Sounds from outer space (click on Space Navigator, then select).

Like card tricks? Check out this site!

What State Lottery Officials don't want you to know.
Offers free online tutorials in HTML website programming for the beginner.

The US will not survive says Hopi Elder - YouTube
Brian (psychic) claims over 3,100 correct predictions, 22 missing persons solved, etc.
Tomorrow's news today? See astrologer Dr. Louis Turi predictions

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