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Sales Management Training - A New Idea!


Vincent J. Daczynski

sales management training program uses meditation for sales management training. Read about this new sales training concept.
author, sales management training using meditation for sales management training. Among best sales management training programs.
Author: Vince Daczynski



Sales Management Training Using Ancient Meditation Techniques to Improve Sales - a New Revolutionary Sales Management Training Concept Unlike Any Other!

"Only a new seed will grow a new crop; the old ways of sales management training will produce old results. The days of motivating salesmen with high-power hype, razzle dazzle, gimmickry, pep-talks, mood making, positive thinking and adrenaline-pump sessions, all which only temporarily excite and motivate salesmen, is obsolete,” claims Daczynski. “A new sales management training approach will produce new results. For Sales Sake Meditate! is that new sales management training approach!

Vince Daczynski, who received his training in India in 1969 from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, got the idea of using TM for sales training when he introduced the concept to his fellow classmates at his stockbroker sales training in 1972. “Several of the stockbrokers tried it and reported immediate results; increased energy, clearer thinking, and a feeling of being in control. That’s when I realized the value of TM in sales management training programs,” states Daczynski.

Since its introduction to the Western world over fifty years ago, the Transcendental Meditation technique as a means of personal development has been the subject of over 600 scientific research studies conducted at 200 independent universities and research institutions in thirty-three countries. These studies have been published in such leading journals as Academy of Management Journal, American Journal of Physiology, American Journal of Psychiatry, Hypertension, The Lancet, Science, and Scientific American. No other system of personal development has received such scrutiny and acclaim.

Occupational stress has been found to be the major cause of diminished health and reduced personal productivity costing American businesses up to $200 billion annually. Comparative studies found the TM technique to be the most effective corporate stress management program in the world today. Over the past 25 years, a number of worksite studies on the TM program have reported major benefits in all areas of employee and organizational development and success. For example, a study of 125 managers and employees in a mid-western manufacturing plant of a Fortune 100 company found that the practice of the TM technique resulted in significant improvements in health, job effectiveness and satisfaction, and interpersonal relationships. The study, which was published in the journal Anxiety, Stress, and Coping, also reported that the employees enjoyed reductions in anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, job tension, and cigarette and hard liquor use.

The scientific data echo the personal experiences of over five million practitioners of this ancient Transcendental Meditation technique. Meditators include people of all ages, professions, cultures and religions throughout the world. For Sales Sake Meditate! explores this ancient teaching in light of its inclusion in sales training programs. Vince Daczynski explains, “This book is about a new understanding in sales management training. It is about motivating salesmen from within themselves. Show salesmen how to tap their inner creative intelligence and energy and they will naturally improve sales. Some measured benefits have been: reduced job worry and tension, better mental and physical health, more energy and vitality, increased alertness, increased happiness and job satisfaction, improved productivity and job performance, and improved family life. Research studies also show that brain wave coherence increases with the practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique. It is brain wave coherence that gives the salesmen a more concentrated focus. It’s like comparing the intensity of light from a laser to that of a flashlight.”

Already, many internationally renowned corporations (e.g., General Motors Corporation, Toyota Motor Company, and Sumitomo Heavy Industries) have taken advantage of the ancient teachings described in this book by implementing Transcendental Meditation programs for their executives and employees.

For Sales Sake Meditate! is not just another book about selling. This book contains the most advanced concept in motivational sales management training currently available. It sets a new paradigm for sales training programs. The vast amount of empirical and scientific evidence supporting the Transcendental Meditation program as the most advanced method available for sales management training cannot be ignored. "It behooves you to learn about this most advanced technology for sales training. If you are not already competing against it, you will be!” asserts Daczynski.

This is a must read book for all salesmen!


For Sales Sake Meditate! (Paperback, 6x9 in, xii, 124 pages; August 2002; ISBN: 1587361191) Books are available through all major bookstores or can be ordered directly from Wheatmark, 1-888-934-0888. Also from Amazon Books - USA, Amazon Books - Canada, Amazon Books - United Kingdom, Amazon Books - Germany, Amazon Books - France, Amazon Books - Japan, and Barnes&Noble.

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Vince Daczynski has over 40 years experience with the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique and TM-Sidhi program. In 1969, Mr. Daczynski resigned from his position as National Manager of Field Engineering with a New York City based leasing company to study in India with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi where he became qualified as a teacher of the Transcendental Meditation program. Subsequently, he joined Singer Business Machine Company as product service manager, advanced systems, during which time he also established a Transcendental Meditation club for his co-workers. He later changed careers to stockbroker and introduced the TM program to fellow salesmen. Daczynski, who also completed sales training in real estate and insurance, realized the direct benefits of the TM program as a sales training tool and developed his lecture notes into this highly useful book. For more information on the book visit his website at


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