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The following are some inspirational sayings and inspirational quotes by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. This list of inspirational quotations and inspirational sayings will be appended regularly.

"Inner life is Divine."

"Life is bliss."

"Man is born to enjoy."

"Love in the heart of man is a shrine to God on Earth."

"Enjoy your life and be happy. Being happy is of utmost importance. Success in anything is through happiness. More support of nature comes from being happy. Under all circumstances be happy, even if you have to force it a bit to change some long standing habits. Just think of any negativity that comes at you as a raindrop falling into the ocean of your bliss. You may not always have an ocean of bliss, but think that way anyway and it will help it come. Doubting is not blissful and does not create happiness. Be happy, healthy and let all that love flow through your heart."

"The golden gate to peace in life is the experience of bliss, and it is easy for everyone to acquire this great glory and live it throughout life."

"I will fill the world with love and create Heaven on Earth."

"Meditation is making research into yourself, and into the subtler fields of activity. Day after day we culture our minds with the deep silence of our own Being. This is not the silence of a stone, but creative silence. We have to find it for ourselves. We decrease activity until silence becomes creative, and we sit in creative silence and close the gates of perception for insight into the content of life.

In meditation we re-search the field without time and space and activity, and yet produce a useful effect while conducting the research. In the no-activity of meditation, we dwell in the glorious field of life, and we are supported by the love of God."

"The basis of pure individual intelligence is the Cosmic Life, the Absolute Being which we gain during Transcendental Meditation."

"There is nothing in the cosmos, either in the material plane or the spiritual plane which cannot be directly cognized."

"The search for total knowledge starts from the Self and finds fulfillment in coming back to the Self, finding that everything is the expression of the Self - everything is the expression of my own Self."

"Well, you see, it is like this. Absolutely everything is fixed, and absolutely everything can be changed at any time."

"Problems are not solved on the level of problems. Analyzing a problem to find its solution is like trying to restore freshness to a leaf by treating the leaf itself, whereas the solution lies in watering the root."

"All problems in life arise from some weakness of mind. All weakness of mind is due to the mind's ignorance of its own essential nature, which is universal and the source of infinite energy and intelligence. ... In order to root out any problem of life it is only necessary to be brought out of ignorance, to be brought to knowledge."

"When the problem of suffering - physical or mental - has to be tackled, it must be tackled at the root cause in order to produce lasting results. The cause of all causes in life is Being and the different planes of individual life."

"Align your awareness with the intelligence expressed throughout the cosmos, align your physiology with the physiology of the universe and gain the evolving quality of the ever-expanding universe in your individual awareness."

"A direct experience of the blissfiul nature of the soul and the inner man is completely transformed."

"The golden gate to peace in life is the experience of bliss, and it is easy for everyone to acquire this great glory and live it throughout life."

"The mind, experiencing the Great Bliss, feels satisfaction and this satisfaction of the mind results in right understanding and virtuous action, kindness and compassion for all."

"Ideal relationship is based on giving."

"If you retaliate, you lower yourself to the level of the wrong. Rather let the wrong be just a drop in the ocean of your virtue. It is a common saying that one should not resist evil, and furthermore, you are responsible for the evil influence you produce by retaliating. Let the impurities of the atmosphere find a refuge in the ocean of purity in your heart, in the unfathomable joy of your inner pure consciousness. When you forgive, all nature enjoys your brilliance and returns joy to you. Forgiveness, tolerance, purity of heart, sincerity, love, kindness, are the bases from which to enjoy and make full use of the surroundings. This is the fundamental principle of giving."

"It is through the refinement of emotions that life evolves; it is a highly delicate faculty of experience."

"We have a soft heart and a loving breath for every man."

"Heart speaks in silence. Regular speech is too crude. Heart has more influence."

"It is what we all do with our hearts that effects others most deeply. It is not the movements of our body or the words within our mind that transmits love. We love from heart to heart."

"Under all circumstances, in all kinds of surroundings - animate or inanimate - it is necessary to have a loving, kind, and sympathetic heart. Our outward behavior should be based on that. We create a quality of life in the atmosphere according to the quality of our hearts."

"We don't do what we know is wrong."

"It is right not to harm anyone and wrong to do harm. It is right to see good in others and wrong to see bad in anyone. It is right to love people and wrong to hate them. It is right to admire men for the good in them and wrong to rebuke them for their shortcomings and bad behavior. It is right to give advice to a man if he is doing wrong and wrong not to advise him to do good. It is right to do things which will be helpful to oneself and others and it is wrong to do things which will harm others. It is right to speak the truth but wrong to speak words which will harm others even if they are the truth. It is right to be good to others and wrong to be unpleasant to anyone."

"First deserve, then desire"

"When the elephant decides to walk through the village, all the dogs come out and bark."

"Only a new seed will yield a new crop."

"About humility we speak with an analogy: when the branches are full of fruit, they just bow down."

"The factor of time is very vital in life. Those who have accomplished great things in the world have been those who valued time in their life. The time of life is limited and a great amount of evolution has to be accomplished for fulfilment of life. Therefore, the factor of time must be valued above everything."

"Through the window of science we see the dawn of the Age of Enlightenment."

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