Vincent J. Daczynski

Book: Stress-free selling, stress reduction, stress management using Transcendental Meditation technique; among best sales training books.




Table of Contents

Part I Introduction and Orientation: The Transcendental Meditation Technique

Chapter I What in the Name of Sales?

Chapter II Positive Thinking Is Not Enough

Chapter III The Ancient Key to Success

Chapter IV The Transcendental Meditation Technique

Chapter V Gaining More Energy

Chapter VI Unfolding Your Mental Potential

Chapter VII Being More Efficient

Chapter VIII Good Health Brings Wealth

Chapter IX Conquering Emotional Inhibitors

Chapter X Creating a Happy Home Life

Chapter XI Your Seven Steps to Success; A Brief Summary

Part II Advanced Training: The TM-Sidhi Program

Chapter XII The TM-Sidhi Program

Chapter XIII Experiencing Levitation

Chapter XIV Why Practice Yogic Flying?

Chapter XV An Invitation to Enlightenment

Appendix A Getting Started

Appendix B Suggested Additional Information

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